Tuesday, November 24, 2009

turkey dinner. 8D

so last night was my pseudo-thanksgiving. or maybe it was my real one. i'm not really sure since my real tg on thursday will be turkey-less. not that I'm upset about this -- salmon > turkey any day (including turkey day).

it was a pretty amazing feast. kids started lining up an hour before they started serving food just so they could be first in line for the free feast (i learned later that one of my friends was at fault for this since he was the first in line). because of this, though I arrived at 5:25, the line had already spread out of the cafeteria, down the hall, across the second floor gallery, and halfway down the skywalk. dinner was served at 6.


the turkey was moist n' good n' not gross. the mashed potatoes were awesome. so was everything else. BUT MOSTLY IT WAS FREE, which was the best part. the pumpkin pie was also very good (my mom's is better, tho), but I accidentally took a slice of vegan pie... which was undoubtedly one of the most disgusting things I had ever eaten (though it definitely fell short of the horrors of dandelion greens). after quickly discovering this error (by means of nearly surprise!puking), I quickly got a piece of real pie and enjoyed it thoroughly.

and then we drew killer owls, dragons, and unicorns on the table paper (not cloth).  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.