Sunday, May 9, 2010

this semester's sketchbook (super image heavy)

so this semester in drawing 2 we had to keep a sketchbook with certain requirements, including a certain amount of hatching, self portraits, copies of masterworks, and figure groups. this isn't even going to be all of the pages because I did SOOOOO many.
Chloe Pienne.
she visited mcad but I missed her lecture! her art is pretty cool. very interesting line quality.
Whistler: I. LOVE. WHISTLER. SOMUCH. he is amazing. don't question. don't EVER question. more specifically, I love his prints. his paintings are wonderful, too, but his PRINTS dear sweet suffering something or other, they are GORGEOUS. and the Minneapolis Institute of arts has two of them!! they are even better in person.

and this is an artist who I can't remember. yeah.

and have some Mucha with that. also some self portraits. some scary self portraits. oh and some gestures of my friends?and some John William Waterhouse. oh gods do I adore him. except when I tried to copy his faces they turned out a bit man-ish. this makes me sad.
self portraits. and lots of them (these aren't even all the pages!!). also, most of them are unflattering.  I think I learned something about the structure of my face and my pictures began to gradually look more like me, but I'm still not satisfied completely. I also learned that when I draw stuff with ballpoint pen it almost invariably becomes creepy. sad face. or happy face? creepy face.some of my drawings of groups of people. this was both fun an incredibly aggravating. a lot of these were done in Houston.
some random free for all drawing. mostly they're just doodles and stuff from after I got super burned out.

and that's it. at least, of what I scanned. in truth there are something over 100 pages..... not sure how many; I didn't count.