Tuesday, December 8, 2009

documentation done!!!!

....well, mostly.  I still have to document for my 2D class, but we're doing that in class on Friday so I'm not gonna bother.  but yey for almost being done with school!  I just have one and a half papers to write, a huge frickin' test to study for, and my 2D final.  hahaha... "just".....
anyway, so here's my work from foundation 3D and drawing1

foundation 3D

so we started off with welding. NOT MY THING. jus' sayin'. my welds are pretty crappy, as is my finish, but I overcame my fear of welding and can confidently say that next time I meet a 5500ºF flame, I will not scream like a baby. 8D

next was foam. this was probably my favorite to work with. anyway, after starting about four different projects (none of which I liked), I finally just started cutting out random shapes on the band saw. a two inch version of this came out. I liked it so I made it bigger (a lot bigger) and then colored it bright orange. it was pretty cool because during critique everyone else's pieces were like muted or cool colors so my glorified cheeto stuck out like that annoying kid who keeps wearing bright pink and blinding yellow together. oh, whoops, that would  be me.

then was wood. I have to say, this is the one I put the most effort into. we were supposed to make some sort of stool and I decided to be "conceptual" by saying that since this bookshelf can be sat on, it is also a stool. really, I just needed a bookshelf for my art history text book. this piece is 100% wood (and glue).  it's all finger joints and six mortise and tenons (which take forever to chisel in maple wood, as I learned in this project). the finish doesn't look very good, but I love my bookshelf anyway. I use it every day and will probably continue to do so for at least the next three and a half years.

then came soft sculpture. I made a mustache. out of fabric. 'nuff said.

then our final. we had to make some sort of chair (functional or not) so I chose to use wood again. I don't like this one. I don't want to talk about it.

drawing1: (these will just be a few because there are too many to talk about)

we started out with graphite. somehow things turned out better than I had expected -- probably because my drawing teacher was exceptionally wonderful and just slightly off his rocker in the most magical of ways. oh, Ed, you never did give us that pizza party mural viewing expedition that you promised us.

then charcoal. it was, again, not as unpleasant as I expected, but not really my strong suit either.

so then we did pen. which I liked. a lot. there's also a cool skeleton pic, but I don't have that documented because it's hung up in the hallway with the rest of my class' in a mini exhibition thing....

and then our final. this is one of three, but I'm not so fond of the other two so I am excluding them. this one was really interesting. I learned a lot about 3-point and creating texture with sharpie... and I also learned sometimes it is a good idea to open your window in 20º weather... namely when your whole room smells like sharpie and you feel like you've lost several IQ points. 8D

so that's all, folks. now it is time for me to work on some of my other assignments... and eat dinner... and watch the snow fall. sometimes the wind is so strong that the snow stream is nearly horizontal!  it's sooooo weird.