Wednesday, April 21, 2010


WELL THEN.  HELLO. caps lock.
I mean, uhm, yes.

spring is fully here. and wonderful. WONDERFUL SPRING OF WONDER IS UPON US.
yesterday was a-a-a-a-a-amazin'!! there was free healthy food on the lawn and like a ten foot giant inflated soccer ball on the lawn and like four square and hoolla hooping and it was so much fun. oh an then later there was some performance art? or something like with glitter or something. it was weird. but not mcad is like infested with glitter. GLITTER EVERYWHERE. the photo majors will be so pissed when some of it inevitably enters the gray studio and then pukes over everything creating lots of spots of annoying light reflection and many opportunities for clone stamping in photoshop.

also. this. month. is. crazy.  I have a six page comic, a seven+ page paper, four 22x30 ballpoint pen drawings, my huge sketchbook assignment, and my website all due the same week. I SO dskfjsdkflsjdfskldf. (this is the sound of my soul exploding)

but I mean otherwise things are fun and nice and yeah.

so really the point of this is for me to show you some of the stuff I have been working on.

here we were required to to a two page biographical comic of a comic artist. I chose the awesome Kate Beaton ( and took this excerpt from her twitter. I felt like a stalker but HEY it was fun.
comic assignment on using perspective. had to use one, two, and three point and also have an outdoor and indoor. so yeah.

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